Dr. Heather and Pilates instructor made an exercise video!  Core Essentials: Exercises for Posture, Balance, and Strength

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Shoulders and Scapular Stabilization Exercises with Dr. Heather

Pelvic and Sacroiliac Stabilization Exercises

Neutral Spine and Proper Spinal Posture

Favorite Psoas Stretch

Pelvic Ligament Release, Sacroiliac Balancing by sitting on the little ball exercise


Dr. Dale's Gut Health Talk

Watch Dr. Dale talk about one of his favorite topics, Digestive Health and the Gut Microbiome

Dr. Dale's Raw Milk Talk


Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Dr. Dale's Farm Conference talk

Talk on Gut and Soil Health and how they connected


Pelvic Anatomy and Instability-  A talk By Dr. Heather Hunt DC

A lecture given by Dr. Heather Hunt DC at Carol Gray's Infant and Maternal Craniosacral Conference in Portland, Oregon

Pelvic Instability Video 1:

Pelvic Instability Video 2:

Pelvic Instability Video 3:

Pelvic Instability Video 4:


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The Power of Introverts

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